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Dario Cotroneo Testimonial


In the late 1980s my father, a true Italian traditionalist, would not allow my two sisters to attend a L'Oreal hairdressing seminar in Sydney unless I accompanied them. I can admit that I was very reluctant to go and spend my precious time with a group that I had no regard for and little interest in. I was 13 at the time.

After what seemed to be hours of nagging from my sisters, I finally agreed to accompany them, and so I begrudgingly headed into the city to watch the seminar. After arriving at the Clarence Street studio, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people crammed into one room to watch this seminar which I had already dismissed as a boring waste of my evening. My opinion soon changed when a dynamic and incredibly passionate person began speaking about hair like it was alive! This man had such conviction when he claimed that hairdressing was the only career worth considering. Two hours later, I was in love what had become my new direction in life. On the way home I asked my sister's employer for a part time job. I insisted that I not be paid to ensure the work was based on my new passion for hairdressing, not a desire for money. She said yes on the spot.

The man presenting the seminar for L'Oreal that evening was Frank Burgemeestre. It is because of Frank's incredible passion that I became I hairdresser, and am the hairdresser I am today. Now, 21 years later, my passion has not faded, in fact it has only increased, and I would like to say thank you Frank for inspiring me to take on what I too now believe to be the only career worth considering.

Dario Cotroneo


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