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Colour Terminology

Everybody loves to experiment with new styles, cuts and colours. We have inserted this Colour Terminology guide to display a range of techniques and styles that we find inspiring and we hope you do too.

Lakme Color : Gentle to the hair, containing Jojoba Oil, Soy Protein Complex and Soy based cationic charge which all assist in strengthening and softening the hair fiber. Available in both LOW and NO AMMONNIA.



Commonly referred to as tint, is mixed with developer and gives 100% coverage. These professional colours can lift up to 3 levels lighter than natural base colour.


Bleaching is the professional term can lighten up to 5 shades.


Tonal blast

Works well on short to medium length textured hair, the ends are coloured lighter and a semi is applied over the top for extra brightness and a bolder colour tone.


Different layered slabs of colour (not woven as highlights, lowlights or weaving) to give a dramatic high fashion finish.


So known as bleaching but on some clients a lighter colour can be achieved with a highlift tint. This process can lighten hair by up to 5 shades and depending on which lightener is used may or may not require a toner.

Slices Singles

One single thicker section of hair in a foil.



Ammonia free tint that gives a translucent effect and a blending of the greys if you have them.The re-growth will not be as obvious.


A weaving technique where 1 or more colours can be used and a different quantity of weaves per foil.

Classic Weave
Fine highlights with 6>8 in a foil giving a more natural result.

A little chunkier with a bolder fashion result


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